This project was funded by a grant from the proceeds of the 2014 Santa Clara Historic Home Tour. The exhibit is on display at the
Santa Clara Senior Center, 1303 Fremont St., Santa Clara, CA 95050

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 Official Bicentennial Year Map, City of Santa Clara, 1976

 View of the Mission Santa Clara Gardens at Santa Clara College, circa 1900

 Santa Clara American War Mothers Float, 1953 Columbus Day Parade

 Pratt-Low Brand Packing Label of the Duffy-Mott Company

 Judge Hiram Bond Residence, Santa Clara, California, 1898

 Owens-Corning Fiberglas Plant, Santa Clara, California, May 5, 1949

 Pacific Manufacturing Plant, Santa Clara, California, 1898

 James Williams, Santa Clara's First African-American Settler

 Fess Parker proposes Frontier Worlds to City Council, June 8, 1972

 Historian Clyde Arbuckle and His Jesuit Friends, 1969

 Container Corporation of America Paper Mill in Santa Clara, March 1, 1957

 YMI Green Dragons Drum Corp on Parade, 1954

 Main Street Looking South from Franklin Street, Santa Clara, 1962

 Franklin Street, Santa Clara, circa 1950s

 Home Guard Santa Clara, California, June 5, 1917

 4th of July Donkey Baseball, circa 1960

 Franklin Street, Santa Clara, Christmas Season, circa 1940s

 Santa Clara Grammar School Class, 1884

 Earthquake Damage, Methodist Episcopal Church, Santa Clara, April 1906

 Pioneer Drug Store, November 1906

 Agnews Garage, circa 1918

 Agnews Train Depot, circa 1918

 Santa Clara Vanguard Drum & Bugle Corps with Trophy at City Hall, 1968

 View of Santa Clara Valley, circa 1910

 Santa Clara Railroad Station, circa 1900

 Mission Santa Clara, World War II Supply Ship, circa 1944

 Looking Down on Main Street with Trolley Crossing Franklin Street at Main

 Blossom Time Tours Santa Clara Valley Circa 1953

 Franklin Street Looking East from Main Street, Santa Clara, 1962

 Santa Clara News, June 6, 1930, Things for Which Santa Clara is Famous

 Pasetta Construction Co, Newspaper Advertisement November 1940

 Santa Clara Swim Club Olympic Swimmers 1964

 Hog Pen at Agnews State Hospital, constructed circa late 1940s

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