The 2012 tour featured five properties.

Avina House

Avina House, 1912 - This Craftsman bungalow style house was also built in 1912 but it was inspired by the Southern California homes designed by the Pasadena architectural firm of Greene & Greene. Early occupants were the John Taylor family. Mr. Taylor was an employee of the Pacific Manufacturing Company

Fitzgerald House

Fitzgerald House, 1906. Now owned by Santa Clara University, this Colonial Revival style home with hipped roof was built circa 1906. It was owned by Carl Fitzgerald, a pipe organist for the T & D Theater and organist for St. Joseph's Church, San Jose until his death in 1933. His widow Lizzie continued to live in the house through the 1940s.

Semas House

Semas House, 1912. This "Wolfe & Mackenzie" bungalow style house was built about 1912. Among those that once lived in the house, the proprietor of the town printing office and a former county sheriff.

Zibeon O. Field House

Zibeon O. Field House, 1891. Zibeon O. Field, a carpenter by trade who constructed the Morse Mansion and other fine homes in Santa Clara built this one for himself in 1891. This is a Stick/Eastlake Victorian.

St. Clare Rectory

St. Clare Rectory, 1952. This Spanish-style building was constructed in 1952 as a convent for the nuns teaching at St. Clare School and was built with three music rooms, a chapel and living quarters for 10 sisters. It was built to replace an old convent erected in 1881